Skin Care Post Festivals

The second half of the year in India is usually the most buzzing one with majority of festivals happening during this time. This is a busy wedding season too. So typically it is a great time to dress up & have fun.

Most people who get busy with these functions complain of being over indulgent and usually the complaints are with respect to over consumption of food & unhealthy diets. But if you have been indulgent with makeup as well, then allow your skin to take a break. Just as the body needs a detox, the skin needs some recovery time too.

Here are a few simple & easy things which you can do.

1. Go Completely Make Up Free

No matter how vegan/ organic or chemical free your make up is, point is that they are some products sitting on your face at the end of the day. Simply go off makeup for sometime and allow your skin to breathe. Looking & feeling natural has joys of their own.

2. Moisturize Daily & Use Sunscreen 

Adequate hydration is key to good skin. So makeup or no makeup situation, moisturizing is something which one should not do away with. Applying sunscreen post moisturizing keeps the skin protected from the sun & it's harsh UV rays.

Besides, drink as much water as possible. We all know the good work drinking water does on the skin. Indulge in some more goodness by making a hydrating drink of lemon water which has multiple health benefits.

3. Keep your skin clean

Keeping your skin clean should anyway be a part of your daily routine. That includes proper makeup removal and skin cleansing with an appropriate face wash. Even in the most hygienic circumstances, the skin does get exposed to some dirt & grime - making skin cleansing an absolute must to avoid other issues like redness, break outs & infections.

4. Pamper Your Skin

The more love you show to your skin, the more love it shall show you back :). So you could do some of these things at home. Opt for Organic, natural and chemical free wellness products for personal care, we love the range from Rooted Organics, you can know more about them here

A. Skin Icing

Opt for some Skin Icing. Skin Icing in simple words implies rubbing ice on the skin. This technique comes with numerous benefits. Click here and read on how to get going. 

B. Indulge in Face Packs/ Facials/ Steaming

Nourish your skin with some home made face packs. Ideally face packs made with ingredients such as milk, cucumber, curd & rose water are very cooling. Make your own packs at home, apply them & wash them off after 15 - 20 minutes.

If going to a salon for a facial is an option - GO FOR IT :)

Like wise taking some hot steam on the face will help clear off any dirt. Steaming also helps in clearing off black & white heads. However that method requires an experienced hand so take help from a beautician or visit a salon to get it done.

And if you still have some time on hand, apply sheet masks for enhancing your skin.

5. Exfoliate 

Exfoliation (using a facial scrub) helps in getting rid of old dead cells on the skin so that new cells can make way. You can get scrubs from the store or create some at home. Click here if you have a sensitive skin and want to use some scrubs created at home.

6. Spray some rose water on your face

Rose water is an excellent toner and has wonderful healing properties. Ideally put the rose water in a spray bottle and store the bottle in the fridge. Just remove the bottle anytime during the day and spritz some all over your face. It feels very refreshing & hydrating. Here is a quick guide to all good rose waters available in the market.

7. Eat Healthy/ Get enough sleep

Finally eat healthy & sleep well. After all whatever goes into your system will ultimately reflect on your face.

So I hope these help.

Take Care :)


  1. Kitni useful post hai, is time sach me skin ki care ki bahut jarurat hain, climate change bhi hai
    Thanks for ur tips


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