Get Festive With Oriflame Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum

Hello pretty girls!!! I am sure, many of you like me believe that you are never truly dressed without a perfume. Choosing a right perfume can be a complete game changer and help you get your fashion game on point. Perfumes are the most desirable and important invisible accessory that one can wear. Some perfumes trigger beautiful memories that stay forever. Festivals in India are incomplete without the fresh aromas of flowers like jasmine, marigolds, rose that adorn homes and are artfully worn by many women. This season, Fashion Tourist gets festive with Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum, a luxurious scent from the house of Oriflame.

Packaged in a beautiful gold outer packaging, the perfume comes in a beautifully crafted bottle with gold details. The perfume is a luscious woody-floral fragrance, perfect for evenings or daytime. A few spritzes and the elegant perfume settles on your skin and exudes a lush fragrance through out the day. We sprayed the perfume, stepped out and loved the staying power.

Lets look at the top, middle and base notes of Oriflame Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum:

Top notes # The notes that you smell first when you spray or take a whiff of any perfume. The top notes in Oriflame Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum are Orange, Lemon and Italian mandarin

Middle notes # Notes that linger after the top notes disappear. The middle notes in Oriflame Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum are orange blossom, white lily and jasmine.

Base notes # Notes that define the depth of any perfume. Base notes appear 20-30 minutes post application. The base notes in Oriflame Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum are patchouli & white musk.

Priced at INR 2,199 for 50 ml, Oriflame Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum is a great finishing touch before you step out to enjoy the festive season or on regular days. Have you used the Oriflame Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum yet? Do tell us in the comments section.


  1. Maine use to nahi kiya per oriflame k perfumes bhi bahutbacche aatey hain 👌👌


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