How to Create Your Own Unique Lipstick Shades In Easy & Simple Ways

Have you ever considered mixing two or more colours from your own lipstick collection and creating some new shades for yourself? If you haven't, give it a shot because for one - it allows you to get creative
2. You create some new colours without any incurring any additional costs
3. You make colours which are unique to you, so they are personalised and very much your own.

However, the best way to mix the shades is by depositing a very tiny amount of each product with a clean spatula on an equally clean plate. Also, mix the colours with a brush. If you are convinced of your combinations you could go ahead and stock up some of them in small pots.

So let's take you through a few interesting colour concoctions. I have attached sample pictures of  lipstick swatches. Additionally, you can use any brands of your choice :)

1. The Perfect "Rosewood" shade

Hints of rose - in colour or fragrance always seem & feel alluring. Combine that with the essence of wood, again in colour and aroma and what you get is a riveting combination.
So combine a nude/ rose pink with a brick brown and achieve the perfect ROSEWOOD shade. Furthermore, you can add more pink or brown depending on which colour you want more.

2. Top coat any dark shade with a nude

Who says dark shades cannot be worn during day time? Apply your favourite dark lipstick and top it with a layer of your go - to nude. The dark colour hidden behind a nude screen could save from looking over the top. Moreover, you could try this trick with a bright shade too.

3. Intense Deep Red

If you wish to intensify the tonality & shade of red, add a bit of purple to it and see the red turn into a deeper version of itself.

4. Burnt Orange

If orange is too bold for you,  tone it down by mixing it with brown.

5. Add Shimmer to any to any lipstick you wear

So this is not exactly mixing, but dabbing a hint of something metallic (usually gold, silver, bronze) on the centre of the lips gives that bit of oomph. You could use your gold highlighter or any silver shadow and bounce it either across the entire lip or stick only to the centre. In addition, a hint of shimmer will elevate the colour by a few levels.

Hope these ideas help :) Let us know in the comments below if you invent any 'wow' colour combinations of you own.

Cheers :)


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