Make Up & Beauty Items To Carry While Travelling

What exactly do you carry in your travel makeup bag? In most cases there is always the stress of excess baggage that you deal with in any case; add to that items of daily usage like toiletries, accessories so on & so forth! 

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So how do you smartly & systematically pack makeup? How do you make sure that “this much is enough”

You do that based on factors like the purpose of your trip, the duration, the weather situation at your destination & of course the outfits that you will wear along in due course.

Here’s a STANDARD list of makeup items that you can carry along with you regardless of all the above factors. Of course you can make amends depending on what you use & what you don’t. 

  1. Black Kohl Pencil
  2. Black Eyeliner
  3. Mascara
  4. Concealer
  5. Foundation/ BB Cream/ Pressed Powder
  6. Lip Balm
  7. Eye Brow pencil with Spooley
  8. Make-up Remover
  9. A few Q - Tips
  10. Wipes
  11. Skin Care items are a different segment altogether but since they are a part of makeup too, remember to carry your moisturizer & sun screen
  12. Lipsticks
You can pack your colours smartly. Typically carrying one of each - pink, brown, red & nude lipstick shades should sail you through your trip. There is a lot that you can do with just 4-5 colours. Red of course is a star player on its own. Apply a red lipstick to a party and you really don’t need anything else. You can off course add any other shade that you cannot live without.

13. Sculpting Palette

If you like contouring, highlighting & luggage space is not an issue, then carry one.  Else, if you wish to stay light, use your brown lipstick as your contour & your pink lipstick as a blush. They will do the same job as palette specially designed for the job. (except the highlighting bit)

14. Highlighter

Like lipsticks, a good highlighter is also a wonderful multi purpose item. In addition to highlighting the face, you can also use the product as an eyeshadow or jazz up your lips when needed.

15. Makeup setting spray

Carry this is if you see the need for your makeup to last through the day

16. Basic Makeup brushes which your use.

17. Beauty blender

While you happily pack your bags away, you could just keep these points in mind
  1. Avoid carrying very expensive makeup because one, they could get damaged in luggage handling at airports. Two, what if your baggage goes missing? (Unless you hand carry your makeup in which case at least liquids have to be checked in).
  2. Get an appropriate makeup case (preferably with sections) so that you can pack neatly with everything well organized & in respective compartments. Incase of hard makeup casing, there shouldn’t be a problem, however in case of soft casing, try placing the case in between your clothes  in the suitcase so that the items within receive the soft cushioning they deserve.
Now in case you are headed for a wedding/ a function or any fancy occasion where how you look really matters, then planning your makeup a little in advance will help. So for example you want to wear a specific eye shadow or a particular lipstick colour, then add that to your vanity case.
Similarly if you see yourself using items like coloured pencils, coloured mascaras, then thrown in those too. Match your makeup with your outfits and shortlist the items to carry accordingly.

Hope these points help you in packing smartly :)


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