Easy Tips To Go Shopping With A Baby To Grocery Stores & Malls

Let's just say that the first trip to the mall with my newborn was a complete disaster. Although, it lasted roughly all of twenty minutes, the little one fussed the entire time. Once home, the baby's mood changed in a jiffy. Besides, happy to be in her cocoon, she slept peacefully after a while. This left me thinking if I had done it all wrong? However, over a next few days, a lot of new moms told me similar stories. Wondering about the simple question "how to go shopping with a baby" made me speak with a few more experienced mommies. Because, let's face it, we all need to head out for  chores at some point of time. My second try was a far more successful affair. Wondering how? Here are some easy tips to go shopping with a baby to a grocery store & malls.

Timing is the key:

We all know the benefits of being at the right place at the right time. If you are planning to go clothes shopping with a baby, choose a timing when crowds are thin. As a result, you get shorter queues at trial rooms & billing counters. In addition, your little one will be fresh & well rested too! Do take care to avoid over crowded places as this may lead to fussing. Also, hungry babies tend to be more uncomfortable. Do feed the baby in advance or find a quiet corner in the mall & feed right before shopping.

Carry Essentials In a Diaper Bag:

It's not an understatement to say that a diaper bag is a mom's best friend! Some smart packing with a few essentials & you are ready to head out in style with your baby. Though, you need not pack many items for a quick trip to the grocery store or mall, packing a few essentials shall prepare you for any situation. A blanket, baby formula along with a clean feeding bottle, sterilized water, baby wipes & diapers are a must. Additionally, carry a change of clothes for the baby too!

Do Not Forget To Make A List:

Gone are the days when you could spend hours browsing in your favorite mall. With a newborn shopping trips need to be quick, yet efficient. As a result, you need to achieve more in less time. Hence, make a list of "must buy" items. Since you know what all you need to buy beforehand, you will save time. Quick & easy is the way to go, mommies!

Stroller Or Baby Carrier- Make a Choice:

The choice is yours! Some new moms feel more comfortable going grocery shopping with a stroller. A few, love wearing their babies. A lot of factors shall help you decide what you want to carry along on the shopping trip. If you have an easy access to cars/cabs a stroller helps the baby rest comfortably while you shop. However, a quick trip may require only a baby carrier. 

If you want to know more about how to carry baby while shopping & baby wearing, read our previous article

Bring Favorite Toys along:

Babies love having their favorite toys or books around. Bring along a few & that shall keep them entertained while you shop. Attach a few toys on the stroller to keep the baby distracted while you move around.

Importantly, Don't Get Embarrassed or Stressed:

During my first trip, as I dashed to the mall exit with a wailing baby, I had an eerie feeling that all eyes were on me. I stressed so much that I lost my parking ticket, which led to further confusion. However, over a few days, I saw many moms handle cranky babies in a much better manner. They all had one advice- to not take STRESS in such situations! Moreover, try to calm down your baby in a soothing voice that helps comfort in a better manner. Trust me, no one is judging you.

Carry Your Phone:

Even if you are stepping out for a few minutes, carry your phone along. In case, any emergency arises you get in touch in with loved ones immediately. 

Do tell us about your experiences about going shopping with your baby in the comments section. Moreover, if you know any expecting moms, share your newborn baby essentials checklist with them.


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