Exciting & Easy Beauty Resolutions That Will Actually Work in 2020

We are at the start of another brand new year. By and large each one of us wishes to bury something - (a habit or an an event) from the past in the year gone by and move on to a more positive start from 1st of January right away. 
This is where "resolutions" take birth which sadly in most cases fizzle out around 5th Jan (says observation not research)

Resolutions unfortunately have become infamous for lack of conformity. Hence one way to make them work is by making them sustainable & easy to follow. Let's talk about some exciting beauty resolutions that you could fearlessly commit to this year.

1. Keeping your makeup clean

This is perhaps the most ignored area in people's makeup routine. Every time you use a beauty blender, you have to put it for a wash! Each brush, especially the ones soaked in liquid products have to be cleansed off later. There's bacteria built up in these tools used in makeup application. If they are  not cleaned within a day & reused on the skin, then that bacteria will as easily transfer, from them on your skin & lead to further issues like breakouts. 
So here's what you can do - Invest in a brush cleansing equipment like a silicon brush cleaner (which doesn't cost much) & a brush cleansing solution. Alternately you could also wash off your items with mild soap followed with soaking them in a diluted antiseptic (like Dettol) for a few minutes. This process will instantly sanitise your tools.

If you wish to clean your makeup palettes, either remove the top layer with a tissue paper OR spray some Isopropyl alcohol evenly on the entire palette. The alcohol dries off in a few minutes.

2. Show some self love

Every skin type and nature is different. Keeping this in mind, indulge in whatever makes your skin happy. Try following some quick & easy home remedies like applying home made face packs to pamper your skin. If you have access to a salon/ spa that provides effective skin care services, GO FOR IT! Use sheet masks regularly. Do whatever it takes (in sustainable ways - ecologically & economically) that gives your skin the love it needs.

3. Visit a dermatologist

Beauty magazines, beauty bloggers, the beauty industry will keep bombarding you with information on the latest product offerings which they claim could be life altering. Some of this messaging is sponsored, some a part of a large sales strategy to target potential customers -  all pushing you to purchase products that you may not need or may not be suited too. 
Hence visiting a dermatologist is imperative. He/ she will study & understand factors like your skin condition, lifestyle and prescribe products to you accordingly. They will also take care of all your other skin concerns, if any. Once you understand these factors, you will make wiser beauty decisions for yourself in the future.
A doctor is a doctor for a reason :)

4. Investing in the right products

If you've been through a dermatologist visit, this part is taken care of, if not then make sure that you put your money in the right products - skin care & makeup both. Everything comes with a huge price tag these days so investing in just the right products will be conducive to your health & the bank, both :)

5. Lastly, drink more water

This is the easiest thing to do, the best habit to develop & positively addicting once it becomes a regular practice. Apart from beauty, the benefits of drinking water work on every level of good health & fitness. So start & end your day with a tall glass with water (hot, room temperature or on the rocks). Make it a habit to carry a bottle of water (not a plastic one) with you everywhere you go. 

Hopefully these are simple and easy to follow.

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