How These 7 Practices In Makeup Will Help You Get A Flawless Complexion

The number one factor, like absolutely the first thing in makeup is a flawless complexion and a good skin.

Have you ever noticed how amazing makeup looks on a good skin day? There are of course various ways in making your skin look fantastic with makeup.

Here are some ways in which you can get complexion ready.

1. Prep your skin well

Products somehow have a way with good & not so good skin. They just don't seem to sit well on an improper canvas. Therefore Wash, Moisturise and Hydrate before you begin your makeup. Unclean, dehydrated skin will give you disastrous results - like your foundation could just crack up, look flaky or get oxidized. So do some prep work before the onset of other products.

Imagine you are the product and the skin, a chair. You need a clean chair to sit on, right?

2. Use a Primer (if you may)

Most videos and beauty bloggers on social media insist that priming is a must. If priming works for you in terms of helping your makeup last longer or in simply adding a base of hydration, then go for it.
Else, you can skip the primer if you think it is not really adding VALUE of any kind.

3. Colour Correct

Not many depend on colour correctors to fix their skin concerns. Some of it could also be due to lack of awareness about the very process. Colour correcting is a technique in which complementary (opposite) colours are used to cancel out each other. For example, in order to conceal under eye dark circles, a very tiny amount of orange / peach colour correcting pigment is applied on the entire stretch followed by application of concealer. Similarly, green pigment is used to cancel out redness on the face.

This process helps in concealing & correcting problem areas. Of course one needs to practice this method in order to get it right. If done incorrectly, the coloured pigment could mix with the concealer and present a new shade altogether.

4. Always keep a Concealer handy

Sometimes a tiny amount of a good concealer is all that you need. A little under the eyes and on a few spots here & there and your look is complete.

5. Invest in a good Foundation

If you wish to go light, ending the complexion part with the concealer is fine. If you wish for a heavier coverage, then needless to say go ahead with your foundation. The key is to have the right foundation - the one that takes into account your skin type, texture, colour & tone in a way that even with a foundation on, the look is as though there's nothing at all.

Even pressed powders do a wonderful job in coverage. So if you wish to ditch a cream based formula, say hello to the powdered form.

6. Do not shy away from Setting Sprays

Setting sprays do a wonderful job of keeping your makeup in place for hours. Hence in the finishing stages of your makeup, spritz some spray evenly on your face and give your makeup some life & long lasting freshness.

7. Try Illuminating creams

If you want that extra glow & radiance on your skin then apply some illuminating cream before you dive into your concealer & foundation. Your face will look perfectly glimmering & celebrity like with these tinted formulas.


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