Simple & Easy Beauty Routine During The Corona Virus Lockdown

To say that the initial days of the Corona virus lockdown passed in a daze will be an understatement . I was uninterested in things around me. Moreover even simple chores felt difficult. Besides, looking good was the last thing on my list. My religiously followed beauty routine went for a toss! However, I have never relied on chemical laden products & preferred home remedies like these 

Additionally, lack of time due to increased house chores added to my woes. Unable to get out of the house & reduced exercise routine made me feel dull. After about 2 weeks, I was horrified to notice dry feet & hands. Furthermore, my hair felt brittle due to lack of any oil therapy. Having been particular about taking care of myself, this situation was a No-No! I decided to indulge in easy home remedies that helped me take care of my skin, hair & overall appearance. Moreover, even a quick indulgence in doing something for myself uplifted my mood! So, Let's look at some simple ways to follow a beauty routine during the Corona Virus lockdown. Furthermore, do remember to follow a healthy diet & exercise routine for your overall health.

Home Manicure/Pedicure:

Currently, going to a salon is not an option. But an easy home manicure/pedicure may help solve this problem. Soak your hands and feet in lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice for 5 minutes. Follow this process with rubbing inside of the lemon peel against nails. This will help in cleaning and brightening your hands and feet.

Rice Powder & Milk Body Scrub:

Grind half cup white/brown rice in the mixer to a fine powder. Add 3 tablespoons milk powder/milk, two tablespoon rose/sandalwood powder. Make a thick paste and apply all over body with gentle circular movements. Wash off in shower. Easy, peasy right?

Cooling Mint and Multani Mitti Face Pack:

Most of Indian homes have both these ingredients in the pantry. Moreover, cooling properties of mint come together with cleansing properties of multani mitti in this simple face pack. To know more about how to make this easy face pack, click here

Aloe vera, Turmeric & Honey Face Cleanser:

How about trying a natural face cleanser to soothe your facial skin?

Remove little pulp from aloe vera leaf. Add pinch of turmeric (go easy on turmeric, as a larger quantity may leave a yellowish tinge on skin) and some honey. Mix well and apply. Let dry for 5-10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. For more such easy recipes, click here

Milk, Honey & Oats scrub For Softer Feet: 

We stand on our feet for endless hours, yet ignore them the most! One of the most stressed part of our body are our feet as they take the weight of the entire body. Hence our feet deserve to be pampered once in a while, if not regularly.

Take 2-3 tbsp of warm milk. Soak 1.5 tbsp of oats in it for 15 minutes and then put this in the grinder and make a paste. Remove the paste in a bowl and add 2 tsps of honey in the mix. Apply this paste on the feet and massage for 20 mins. Leave it on as a pack for another 20 mins and rinse with warm water.

Hung curd, Milk powder & Egg mask for Shiny Hair:

Ingredients: 2 tbsp curd  +  2 tbsp milk powder/milk + 01 egg

Preparation: Mix all ingredients together to make a paste. Keep this paste aside for 10 minutes.

Application: Make 5 partings of the hair and start application from the nape area by further dividing it into 3 parts. Take an application brush and apply from roots to shaft. Repeat the same procedure for all the partings. Keep the mask on for 20-30 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. After rinsing, wash your hair with a baby shampoo.


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