Almonds for Skincare: DIY Almond Face Masks For Healthy Glowing SKin

A funny quote says "Spread love as thick as you would spread almond butter". However, since we always come up with great home remedies, we urge you to spread almonds on your face. Yes, brimming with Vitamin E, almonds can be used for skincare regime by all skin types. So, let's make these DIY almond face masks for healthy glowing skin.

And while you are relaxing with these miracle almond based beauty remedies, try munching on this almond snack that can be made in 15 minutes flat!

Almond for face benefits:

Since these nuts contain a healthy amount of Vitamin E, applying almond paste on face has many benefits. Moreover, it helps reduce pigmentation & enjoy an even skin tone. Besides, the antioxidants present help reducing signs of aging. Use premium quality organic almonds if you are applying badam paste on face.

Almond and honey face mask:

Make a nourishing face mask with almond & honey. Since honey provides natural hydration, this face mask can be safely used by sensitive skin type as well.

Firstly, make a paste with overnight soaked almonds. Next, add a few drops of honey & mix. Also, add little milk to make a thin paste. Spread all over face & neck area. Keep for 15-20 minutes. Place some cucumber slices on eyes & get your mojo back! This face pack is the easiest answer to the question, "Does almond make my skin glow?"

Almond face pack for wrinkles:

Make a pack with crushed almonds, extra virgin olive oil & milk cream/yogurt. Apply all over facial skin. However, do not forget the neck area. After 15 minutes, massage the mask in upward motions. Wash off & apply your regular anti aging cream/serum.

Almond face pack for pigmentation:

Make a soothing mask with crushed almonds, honey & little turmeric. Apply over affected areas & keep. Besides, take care to use only a little amount of turmeric. Finally, wash off & apply a few drops of cold pressed almond oil for added benefits.

Rose and almond face pack:

Enjoy the beauty benefits of rose along with almonds! Soak some organic rose petals in raw milk for 1-2 hours. Next, grind to a fine paste along with 4-5 soaked peeled almonds. Apply & relax for 15-20 minutes. Wash off & apply your favorite skin cream.

Almond for skin whitening:

These healthy nuts can be safely used for skin whitening. Additionally, they help achieve an even skin tone. Moreover, this is the most easy recipe for a skin whitening mask with almonds.

DIY almond milk face mask:

Soak 4-5 almonds overnight & peel off the skin. Grind to a smooth paste with raw milk. Finally, add sandalwood powder & make a face pack. Apply all over face & neck area & keep for 15-20 minutes. Wash off & follow with a rosewater spray to tone the skin.


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