Hand Bag Confessions - Essential Items That Can Be Carried In The Hand Bag

What goes inside a handbag is a topic of huge curiosity among bag users. From lugging an entire supermarket inside, to sticking with bare minimums, the contents of a bag always require some decision making before they commence their journey out of the house (or hotels or wherever they are.)

Ideally packing the bag with exactly what one needs makes matters absolutely clutter free and load free. But in order to do that, every now & then, turn your bag upside down and get rid of any items that - 

- you do not need any more (if any)

- elements that got dumped inside previously (like bills/ wrappers) & were never disposed off later (because we moved on with life as soon as we got home)

- items that do not serve the current agenda (like sunglasses for an evening out)

Here's a list of items that you can carry in your bag. Of course you can edit it out depending on what works for you & what does not. So here we go - 

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1. Wallet first

There's nothing one can do without the precious wallet. Apart from cash & credit cards, there are other important items like driving licence, identity cards etc stored within the wallet. Life almost gets handicapped if you forget the wallet at home, hence making sure that it is the first item that goes inside the handbag is very important.

Incase you are carrying a clutch or a tinier cousin, you can remove the credit cards, driving license & cash from the current wallet and temporarily transfer them into the clutch.

2. Sanitizer/ Wipes

The present world that we live in calls for usage of sanitation products in order to keep safe. But regardless, you never know as to when you need to cleanse your hands without having a hand washing facility around.

So keep a tiny bottle handy & it shall never be a waste.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses do occupy extra space, especially if reading glasses have already occupied their spot in the bag. However, sunglasses protect your eyes so if you are into sunnies, remember to carry them along :)

4. A small bottle of Water

Yes, this does add extra weight - to the bag and to those shoulders - OUCH. But we need not explain the importance of water consumption. So yeah, find a small bottle that fits and get going.

5. Make Up & Vanity Items

Well this topic is another article in itself. Lets list it & keep it short - 

Lip gloss/ balm/ lipstick (lipsticks work as blush & bronzer too)

Kohl Pencil

Loose Powder

Mascara (if needed)

6. Perfume/ Mint

Looking, feeling & smelling fresh is always pleasing and most welcome by those around you. Hence carrying a small bottle of mist to spritz on a hot day is a good idea. Also chewing on some mint has its own benefits.

7. Medicines/ Emergency Items

Always remember to keep any medicine that you may be on, inside your bag. 

Likewise keeping a strip or two of adhesive bandages saves you in times of sudden cuts & bruises.

8. Cell Phones & Chargers (if you are out for a longer time)

Other items 

- Sanitary Napkins/ Panty Liners 

- Power Bank (if needed)

- Small something to eat 

"Travelling Light" is an art. So fill up your bag smartly and hopefully you will have everything that you need :)

If there's anything else important that you carry in your bag, feel free to share in the comments below.


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