Just Another Day with Smoky Eyes

The web world is flooded with smoky eye tutorials showing what a sexy effect they create in a look. While almost all women in those pics/ videos look like goddesses, many readers at times feel that such looks are better off for parties /weddings/ runways and just not meant for them.
If you feel that way, don't  get intimidated or shy away.

You can wear some smoky eyes even on a regular day and feel good too. Yes do balance it out with neutral lips or muted colours in clothing to let the focus remain on one area; but don't miss out on the fun with some sultry eye looks ...

I just indulged in basic tips done in the comfort of my home to come up with 4 different looks.

Look 1 - Smoky Eyes with just some lip balm

This is as basic as it gets. Its just black colour on the eyes with some liner and lots of kajal; easy isn't it? You can combine your smoky eye make - up with some lip balm and you are good to go. I personally prefer balms with a hint of colour but you could use any balm of your choice which you think suits you.

Look 2 - Smoky eyes with Lip Gloss

This is one of the most popular looks. Pick any magazine or a celebrity Red Carpet series and you will notice that smoky eyes are mostly paired with light colored lip glosses.The beauty of this look is that it keeps the focus on the eyes yet adds some shimmer and sparkle on the lips. A very well balanced make up spread that will just add enough oomph  to your look.

Look 3 - Smoky eyes with Bold Lips

If your make up plans are a little more ambitious for the day, then even better. No harm in wearing some deep red or a hot pink to compliment those smoldering eyes.

Look 4 - #GeekChic Smoky eyes 

I see this wonderful world with a pair of spectacles and just cannot do without them. So geeks, don't feel left out !!! Let not a pair of glasses stop you :)

Make-up used to put these looks together:

Lakme Eyeshadow Quartet Moondust, 
L'Oreal Glam Shine 6H Lip Gloss
L'Oreal Riche Pure Scarletto/ Blake Lively

However do keep these points in mind 
1. Apply an Eye shadow primer on your eyes before applying your black shadow. Primer will help in holding the product which otherwise could break into fine lines and just spoil the look
2. You need not stick to jet black for a look like this. There are other shades of black, blue and grey you could play with. Also make sure you blend all colours well. Blending is the key.

So add some black to your eye make up routine and bring in some more sexiness into this world.

Tell us what do you think in the comments section below.

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