7 Party Make - up Essentials This Party Season

Its our favorite time of the year for many of us as parties, celebrations, get -togethers and holidays take over our lives. Food, feasts, fun, frolic, presents galore and the festive mood in general keeps us very happy.

So if make up is on your mind to jazz up your look for any of those fancy parties, keep some of these make up items handy ... you don't have to use all of them together (else you will end up looking like a Xmas tree yourself), but just little bit of any of these is good to go. Fashion Tourist lists 7 party make  up essentials that will help you glam-up for all the rocking parties of 2015:

1. #Kajal #mascara #eyeliner

These are all the basic items one needs to accentuate the eyes. One can never go wrong with some deep kohl, liner and lots of mascara. We normally prefer black, but one is pretty much spoilt for choice as far as eye liner & kajal pencil colors are concerned. So pick any color which suits you or matches / contrasts your outfit and almost most of your make up is done.

Here are some kajals you could choose from

Image courtesy of L'oreal Paris

2. #Highlighter #bronzer

Heard of contouring & highlighting? They help you sculpt your face & give an illusion of perfect cheekbones, sharp nose & a defined jawline. Get a good highlighter and a bronzer and go for that very defined look

Image Courtesy Anastasia Beverly Hills

3. #Lipsticks
Bold colors or nudes, just about anything is good as long as you feel happy and of course the choice of color is appropriate. We suggest loud colors this season to step out in style with bold lips:

There are some awesome Reds and Pinks to pick from ... Have a look

Image courtesy of Chambor

And of course there are a whole lot of other colors you can have fun with

4. #foundation for your skin

We said this before in our blogs and repeat it again here, 'your makeup needs a good base/ canvas to sit on'. Nothing is sexier than a good skin and sometimes just a good foundation is all you need

Choose one from here if you are hunting for one

5. #accessories and #shoes

Bags, belts, Jewellery, shoes are great friends if the outfit and make up one's wearing are simple.

6. #fragrances #perfumes

There is nothing more alluring than a pretty woman who smells good!!! From your breath and your clothes ... One cannot look like a dish and smell like a fish. So spray some good perfumes and mists and make your presence felt.

7. #nailcare

Manicured and pedicured nails are a sign of good grooming. So just paint some color onto them and up your style quotient.

We love #opi nail lacquers ... here are some good ones to pick from

Image Courtesy O.P.I

So guess its time to jazz up our worlds as the party season begins and a fabulous year comes to an end; and as another incredible year makes its start, lets do it with as much style as we can.

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