Wella Professionals Introduces Elements Range

“Life is not perfect but your hair can be” is a mantra we love. We invest multiple hours in a week in styling and grooming our hair. The most important aspect of our personality, our hair decides how our day is going to unfold- with a bad hair day equaling to a sullen mood all day. We choose our hair products after a lot of research and spend good monies curled up in a salon for our crowning glory. But stress, unhealthy lifestyle and overuse of hair care products loaded with chemicals take a toll and lead to hair breakage & other hair related problems. We yearn for that perfect salon-styled crowning glory everyday; but stepping into a salon frequently is time consuming and can do serious damage to our bank accounts. What if we could enjoy beautiful healthy hair sitting at home? Now that would be something, isn’t it?

Wella Professionals Launches Elements Range

Over the years, we have become increasingly aware of the ingredients contained in the products that we use in our everyday lives and have started liking natural alternatives that contain fewer chemicals. So when Wella Professionals, a premier name in professional hair products introduced to the Indian market ELEMENTS, their first hair care system free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants, we happily agreed to be a part of the event.

Launched by the stunning Nimrat Kaur and Wella Innovation Expert Dr.Kerstin Meyer Lipp, the Wella Professionals Elements has been inspired by the NUTREE Complex enriched with natural tree extract to provide up to ten times more strength against breakage caused due to various factors like combing or non conditioning shampoo & more.

Nimrat Kaur & Dr.Kerstin Meyer Lipp At Wella Elements Launch

The degeneration of Keratin – a protein that acts as the building blocks of our hair causes the hair to become weak and lose its shine & vitality. Wella Professionals Elements protects the integral keratin structure, keeping the hair looking shiny and healthy, but without some of the chemicals usually associated with hair care products. The range consists of Renewing Shampoo, Lightweight Renewing Conditioner and Renewing Mask.

Intrigued we decided to try the Elements Renewing Shampoo and Renewing Mask and were happy to notice the following:

-    The Elements range is free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants.
-    The NUTREE complex works on the inside, nourishing hair from root to the tip.
-    The complex has anti irritant properties that protect the scalp.
-    The Renewing shampoo’s luxurious foam washes away oil pretty well without excessive drying of the hair or the scalp
-    The shampoo is mild enough to use everyday.
-    The Renewing mask has a lightweight creamy texture that leaves your hair with a healthy appearance and soft to touch
-    The paraben free mask works to restore the natural inner strength of the hair
-    The Elements range prevents hair breakage caused by various factors like combing, using non-conditioning shampoo & more.

Inspired by unique combination of nature and science, the Wella Professionals Elements range rehydrates and nourishes your scalp and hair to ensure renewed hair vitality over time. Treat your tresses to the Elements range enriched with a specially created new fragrance inspired by the green woods of the Amazon forest that cares for your locks from root to tip leaving them soft and supple to touch. Last but not the least, don’t forget to enjoy a healthy lifestyle & protein rich food to supplement natural hair growth. We left the event after making a secret Wella Wish for frizz free, soft & shiny breakage free hair, believe us we still have our fingers crossed for it to come true :)

Wella Elements range is available in all leading salons across India such as Jean Claude Biguine, Affinity, Bodycraft, Toni & Guy, Strands, Tresslounge and Headturners.


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