Quick fixes on a bad hair day

A bad hair day takes over when no matter what you do with your hair, you end up looking like a Lion !!! The tresses just won't sit, settle or set; not even upto a basic level of normalcy.

I am not so much into blow - drying, straightening or using hair sprays for the fear of the damage on my hair, hence just prefer styling them differently to save the day; in a few ways mentioned below

1. Take help from the #bandana
Wearing a bandana is a great way of boosting your look. If you don't have bandanas, you could use scarves instead. Just keep some funky colours and prints handy. They will surely help on a bad day.

2.  Tie them up in a #bun
Easiest thing to do ... Just grab you hair, take an elastic hair band and tie them up.

3. #pin or #clip it up
Just pin or clip your flicks/ bangs and give them the desired amount of poof. Sometimes just setting the bangs in place can make all the difference
4. The good old #ponytail
We've been into pony tails since high school days and will probably take them with us right till our old age. Easy to make & stylish in look. Needless to say, there are so many styles in pony's too. Pick one thats best suited for you

5. Use a #clamp clip
Clamp clips can be very classy. Just roll your hair up, clamp them, part your bangs the way you desire and you really won't feel like you were having a hard time with your hair

6.  #waterspray
The best thing to do on a bad hair day it to keep them tied, however if you really wish to leave them open, spray some tap water on your your manes and gently comb them. Be careful of not being rough, wet tresses not treated with love can lead to breakage and damage

The way the hair look, make a huge difference to the way many people feel about themselves. For me a bad hair day makes me feel pretty lousy ... but yeah there are some fixes like these which come to my rescue.

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