Goodbye Summer! 5 Things Every Girl Must Have In Her Closet.

Summer is quickly fading away and it’s time to face the moodiest season of them all – Monsoons. But fear not fashionistas! Cooler weather means even cooler trends to slip on and try out. Fashion! To be honest, is not which we can predict, its totally on how we want the fashion to stay a part of our lives.

Everyone has a few items they really cannot live without. And a few key pieces are all you need to put a good look together. Consider these 5 must-haves the building blocks of style.

1. Cold shoulder jumpsuit

Cold shoulder jump suits are in vogue, mix and match perfectly, not to mention will keep you stylish and take your look seamlessly from day to night.

Like candy, this off-white colored outfit is meant to bring a little sweet softness to your early monsoon attire! The lighter hue feels fresh and modern, especially with the side cuts. Sport this outfit and you’re just as ready for your business lunch or for the weekend brunch date!

2. White wedges
This season, the trend of white sandals has really spread quickly and fast. Whether you’re going out for shopping, or out for a brunch, they seem to be everywhere! The plain white or classic black would be easy to mix and match with clothes, being the classic colours. These are amazing; they match with pretty much any outfit and can be worn for a preppy look with a floral mini dress or a rebel look with a jacket.

Not to mention these babies boost your height by quite a bit!

3. Stylish Watch
A cute but stylish watch can make all the difference to your outfit. It can be handy for everyday use or a fashion statement accessory!

4. Statement Jewellery
No doubt, chokers have definitely made a comeback. But keep it minimal while styling your jewellery. A pop of color with your neckpiece is the perfect way to punch up an outfit without going overboard.

5. Sunglasses

Hands down, this is the most versatile item in your closet. You need a good pair of sunnies to take you through it all. Always a classic!

Tell us few things you have in your closet that you absolutely can’t do without. I’d love to know!

Outfit: Forever New
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Watch: GC
Jewellery: Minerali
Sunglasses: Prada
Location Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Mumbai
Photographer: Sagar Karnik


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