Mommy Challenges And A Few Ways To Overcome Them

There was a video which went viral a few years ago on social media where a few candidates were told that they were being interviewed for the role of "Director of Operations". The role would require the candidate to always be on their toes, constantly exert themselves for all of 7 days a week with possibly no breaks for themselves. Lunch would be possible only when the "associate" was done eating their meals. The candidate would require multiple skill sets, may have to stay up all night occasionally (as associate needs constant attention). Possibly no vacations and on occasions such as Christmas, the work load will simply go up ...  no time to sleep ... and yes this job position would pay you NOTHING :) When all candidates freaked out at this ridiculously hard job description, some calling it bizarre, the interviewer declared that the current candidates who hold those positions are called  - MOMS and they meet every requirement !!!
The reactions of the candidates were priceless. Some got teary eyed or simply began to thank their own moms for all the good work they did. But they were all smiles.

And that's what it is !!! Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. It is an emotional roller coaster,  physically demanding and a completely life changing experience. While there are some good days, most of you will agree that there are days when you feel you've had enough. You want to break your head against the wall. While developing habits and bringing little kids to behave in a certain way takes its own sweet time, here are a few things you can do in the meanwhile to keep yourself happy, sane and going ... and yes this is for all moms - working or stay at home.

1. Simplify Your Life

So most of it is about playing/ feeding the kids, taking care of their chores, converting their yes's to no's and vice - versa. While all this is going on and making you tear your hair apart, identify areas in your life where you can just let go or be easy on. So for example if laundry is not done on one day, keep it for the next day. If children are not listening today, try making them understand later or tomorrow. Prioritise agendas and turn a blind eye to activities that don't require attention or are rather unimportant. If a task is not urgent, do it some other time. If something can be ignored, IGNORE IT. Its okay if things are not perfect. BUY YOUR PEACE.

2. Make Good Friends

Nothing beats the luxury/ comfort/ blessings of a good support system. This system could come in form of nannies, helpers, maids, grandparents. But outside of this system, make some mommy friends. It really works. Connect with some fellow mommies. Most mothers are sailing in the same boat. Sharing stories and experiences is not only enlightening but also very comforting and entertaining. Sometimes laughing over your issues, makes problems appear smaller. Humour yourself. Light, fun, bitchy banters always help. They are intact therapeutic.

Also most mothers are usually armed with information. It helps to know how things are working with respect to schooling, general care taking, kids behaviour, their mischief patterns so on and so forth. And of course, its always good to know that you are not alone.

3.  Take Good Care of Yourself

They say "You cannot pour from an empty cup" and mommy hood is all about giving. But there is also another reality - Kids don't want a cranky or an irritated mommy. They too want a happy mommy who plays with them, enjoys and has a good time. So do things which make you happy whenever you can. Pursue a hobby, go to salons, go shopping. These activities help you keep your sense of balance which is extremely vital in parenting. Find some "ME" time whenever possible and recharge your batteries.

So deep breathe, relax, stress less ... Try taking it easy so that parenting doesn't seem that hard. It's Mother's Day soon so indulge in whatever makes you happy ... Happy Mothers Day

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