Health And Fitness For Mommies Post Delivery

One need not elaborate much on pregnancy and the simultaneous and subsequent weight gain. It is something that every mommy goes through. I have heard of stories where women have gained from 13 kilos to 35 kilos during this time.

While there is no denying that with new borns, babies and toddlers, TIME is really not a mommy's best friend, however undertaking a few measures will go a long way in getting back in shape eventually.

There are generally two paths one undertakes to get into shape - diet correction and physical work out ... Here's how one can navigate with these.

1. Eat Healthy Eat Healthy Eat Healthy

What You must do

A breast feeding mom has to literally eat for 2 people making her hunger pangs shoot up; and without a doubt she must take care of her nutrition. In times such as these, including healthy foods in the diet  is a must not only for the baby but also for the mommy herself. Eat fruits, green leafy vegetables, dals, chapatis, rice, chicken (if you are a meat eater). Fill your plate with everything that is nutritive. All dishes are tasty if cooked well so we cannot say that healthy food is boring.

Stay away from these

Whilst it is understandable to experience urges of junk food binging, and it is probably okay to enjoy some pizza or a burger once in a while, however do try avoiding unhealthy food items like chips, wafers, highly sugared drinks & more every time you feel famished. Consuming these items regularly will not do a thing to improve your health or nutrition but will definitely add a few inches and kilos to your body.

So while it is okay to take some help from junk food to feel happy when kids are driving their mommy's up the wall, not exercising caution with what you eat or simply eating whatever you feel like (which is pure junk) might not exactly be a good idea in the long run.

2. Begin some exercise when you think body permits

While absolutely nothing can be done till the customary 6 - weeks post partum check - up, where the doctor checks on your recovery post pregnancy /delivery and advises the way forward, do get back to some movement with the body when you think all is well - which means your stitches have completely healed and your stamina levels are kind off okay.

Motherhood is a rebirth for the woman herself in the same lifetime, so why not begin something for yourself with baby steps only. The best way to begin is to begin "easy" so start with WALKS. Go for morning or evening walks. If there's no one to baby sit, take your baby along in a stroller. No one is expecting you to walk with speed anyway. But just getting your body in some kind of exercise rhythm will make you feel good.

If swimming is an option, go dip in the pool. If you have a cycle, go for ride. Do household chores. The idea is to get moving.

Once your baby is about a year old, you can increase the intensity of whichever workout regime you are into - Pilates, gym, yoga, aerobics and expect better results.

If you have any interesting tips, do share with us in the comments below.

Until then, happy mommying :)

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