How to Style Ankle Length Trousers

If it was possible, I would live through summers & the upcoming monsoons wearing only tank tops & shorts! Denims or full length trousers are reserved for cool confines of my wardrobe as I usually look around for comfortable alternatives. Since some occasions demand little more dressing up, ankle length trousers can be a stylish alternative in our wardrobes.

Cropped just above the ankles, these fashionable trousers can be styled in fabulous ways as casual or smart wear. Ankle length trousers look slimming, modern and chic when paired right! Find a pair that flatters your body shape & step out in style. I chose straight legged ankle pants from Promod in a happy yellow & paired them with a white lace bodysuit for a flawless tuck.

Now the thing about bodysuits is that they take incredible amount of time & effort to wear but keep things tucked very well. Especially if you are wearing low waist pants/denims. I love pairing bodysuits with high waist skirts & pants too, but more about that in a different post :D

Here are a few pointers, I kept in mind while putting together my look:

Structure-I chose mid waist straight legged ankle trousers. The waist of the trousers sits at the navel while the slim legs fall straight to create the longest and sleekest look.

Color-I selected trousers of a single solid color with no bulky details or patterns to make my legs look slim & provide structure to my outfit. You get a wide range of ankle length trousers in checks, stripes & other patterns too.

Pairing- I chose a body suit in neutral color to avoid pairing my yellow ankle length trousers with a bright colored top. You can also pair bright colored length trousers with solid color well balanced tops that skim the top or button down classic shirts in black/white, depending on your height.

Shoes- I chose wedges to give illusion of height! Heels also look good with ankle length trousers but avoid flat shoes if you are short.

Accessories- I added a string of pearls to add a touch of laid back elegance & make the outfit perfect for a casual outing.

Ankle length trousers makes a fabulous and comfortable summer/monsoon option that can be versatile. Just be sure to think through your look to maintain a leggy and sleek silhouette.

Here is a quick break up of my look

Location Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Mumbai
Photographer: Sagar Karnik


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