5 Reasons Jumpsuit Is Our Favorite Outfit On A Holiday

Move over skirts and dresses....there is a new favorite in town, especially while picking outfits for a relaxed holiday. It's been around a while. And making appearances everywhere with no hint of fading away to become a distant fashion memory. Jumpsuits!!! An all-in-one garment that makes a style statement every single time!!! Choose between casual or dress it up with a jacket, opt for a strappy one or go for a full-sleeved wonder, there are many choices available today while picking a jumpsuit!

Here are our 5 reasons why jumpsuits are our favorite outfit on a holiday:

Jumpsuits Are Versatile:
Jumpsuits are more than onesies that end in pants or shorts. Jumpsuits are versatile as they can be adapted to various seasons- breezy and flowing fabrics for summer or well-fitted tailored jumpsuits for winter or evening occasions. A well fitted jumpsuit is a fashion statement in itself and quiet easy to put together.

Jumpsuits Are Practical
A jumpsuit is a far more practical choice as a relaxed day time attire while on a holiday. They come in various shapes and hence flatter every body type. Plus they can be re-purposed once you are back from your holiday too! If you choose your jumpsuit carefully, you can even wear it to formal occasions or parties.

Can Be Worn On Multiple Occasions
Short jumpsuits are great to wear for a stroll on a beach- just add a hat that frames your face and keeps away the sun! Accessorize your jumpsuit with trendy earrings and wear it for casual high tea at the resort. Layer them with a jacket or a short blazer and high heels for stylish evening wear. A nice solid color jumpsuit in light breathable fabric is great for enjoying some cocktails in the evening too!

Easy To Accessorize
It's easy to accessorize a jumpsuit! Especially if you have taken care of the fit that suits you the best! Accessorizing your jumpsuit depends on the occasion and the weather. For a formal occasion, pair it with a short blazer or during winter with a leather jacket or a scarf. Choose a strappy number for summer and opt for large pendant earrings. You can even accessorize with stackable bangles to add glam to your jumpsuit!

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Jumpsuit:
While choosing a jumpsuit choose a fit that suits you! Don't choose anything too loose or too tight. Try many and choose a one that flatters your figure the best. Taller frames can opt for wide leg jumpsuits but these may not look good on shorter frames.
- Accentuate your waist with a belt that clinches your waist and adds form to your jumpsuit. Try matching the color of your shoes and your belt from the same color family.
- Pair jumpsuits with heels or wedges to elongate your frame.
- The thumb rule is to opt for jumpsuits that is well-balanced. Choose one distinguishing element- dramatic sleeve, bold prints or exposed back...but not all together.
- If you are trying the jumpsuit trend for the first time, try wearing ones in solid colors.
- Blow dry your hair to and add light curls to add to the trendy statement that's easy to make with your jumpsuit.

                                                        Dress: H & M
                                            Shoes: Heatwave Shoes
                                                   Watch: Calvin Klein                                              
                                      Location: Purple Coot Resort, Sri Lanka


  1. Good Idea about what to wear on holiday. Keep posting such articles which give ideas about dresses to carry on holiday

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  3. There is always a jumpsuit for everyone Anita :)

  4. I agree with you 👍 my daughter always prefer to wear a jumpsuit on holidays. It's comfortable and need lesser accessories. It helps to enhance the holiday look ☺️

  5. You leave me breathless when you ware this jumpsuit

  6. It looks very nice on you.. beautiful and sexy.

  7. Excellent work, keep it up

  8. What about having to strip down entirely everytime you have to go to the restroom like thats one major minus to wearing a jumpsuit

  9. So pretty. I love these kind of kurti

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