Get That Glamorous Look With "The Classic Lift Eyeshadow" Technique

If you want to go out all glam then try a "Classic Lift" on the eyes. Parties, weddings, cocktails, bridal - if anything heavy or intense on the eyes is warranted, then Classic Lift is a good bet.

You can always tone it down or amp it up with light/ strong shades and glitter depending on how intense and heavy you want the look be.

To start with prep and prime your eyes with a concealer / primer and some loose powder.
Then as seen in the video, draw an outline of the outer lid marking the outer V with a dark colour (like brown, black or grey). Blend it out evenly to remove the strong lines.

You can fill up the middle and the inner lid with any combination of colours you desire. I have added a gold on middle lid and a pink on the inner lid.
Make sure that all the shades are blended enough to the point where they look visible to others as well as appear married effectively into each other.

If you really want to take this look a few notches up, add some glitter on the middle eyelid. Choose a colour which is in harmony with the other shades. You will be delighted to see how much difference a dash of sparkle makes to the entire look.

You can use any products of your choice. Which ones have I used?
Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette - The shade "Busted" for the Outer Crease

The Sephora Festive Palatte for The Gold and the Pink shades on the eyelids
A neutral tone for the outer crease
Shimmery White on the brow bone

I have followed this up with an eyeliner, kohl and mascara ... here's how it is :)

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  1. Kitna elegant look hai 👍👍 impressed 😍😍

  2. You look like a Goddess . So beautiful are your eyes , with a hint of sparkle . But I can not gaze upon you for more than 1 minute , or I risk going blind . They say the Sun will reflect off of the
    eye make up causing those who stare upon the Goddess to be temporarily blinded. Isn't this fun.
    I love chatting with you . The sparkle eye makeup is now one of my favorites , next to neon lime green. Thanks for sharing.


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