Kids Menu In Restaurants Or During Holidays

Most parents would agree that figuring out food options for kids is quite a task for them while planning what to eat out or during a vacation. At times, carrying home cooked food may not be an option making ordering something child friendly - tricky.

So here are some items which you can choose wisely off the menu cards. Some of them may not be the best options on a regular basis, but pretty doable when there's not much choice on hand.

1. Rice

Most restaurants serve at least basic plain white rice. You can also check on items like egg fried rice or vegetable rice on the menu.

2. Fruits

If you are between two meal times and kids feel hungry, then consider feeding them some fruits. Fruits are easily available everywhere in the world and hence are a great option during "out of town" holidays.

3. Pasta or Noodles

Look out for some healthy versions of pasta. Order something with fresh veggies or chicken and you should be good. You could check on variants such as whole grain pasta.

4. Sandwiches

Simple cheese or vegetable sandwiches are quite filling too.

5. Healthy Wraps

If veggie filled wraps are on the menu, go for it.

6. Pizza

Try customizing the pizza if possible. Add in vegetables, lessen the cheese ... make changes suited to your child's taste and hopefully your little one will be happy ... HOPEFULLY :)

These dishes will help you to stick to something as healthy as possible.

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  1. Aajkal to baccho k liye kaafi acche options hain, mostly bacchey pizza, noodles pyaar se khaatey hi hain 😊
    Thanks for post dear


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