Importance Of Torans In Home Decor

Toran, a traditional hanging mostly seen across Indian households during festive occasions and even all year round is also considered an auspicious omen. Decorative torans are hung on doors during Diwali to welcome goddess Lakshmi and they are the first welcoming element noticed by visitors.

Diwali, a beautiful and visually appealing festival is incomplete without decorations. Every year, we step out to look for innovative decorative items such as Torans also known as Bandhanwars,  Door hangings, Rangoli art, Lights, Earthen lamps and more from the market. We at Fashion Tourist believe that adorning your entrance door with a beautiful toran is a perfect way to welcome prosperity and happiness this Diwali.

Handmade tissue silk toran by Fashion Tourist

Torans Adorn Doorways of Majority of Homes In India

Beautiful and Colorful Beads Add to the Beauty of Torans

Available in many varieties- contemporary or traditional, torans add a visual appeal to our entrances and archways. Torans are made/adorned with flowers or patterns made with tissue, crystals, beads, sequins and other elements are reusable as compared to torans made with fresh flowers that wilt easily. What's more- torans make a great gifting option too!

Flowers Patterns In Torans Are Much Loved

With changing times, people are looking for new designs in torans that look good all year round and only only during festive season. Here are a few designs made by us, which you can order to add a festive look to your homes:

So this Diwali, give your homes a festive makeover with colorful torans from Fashion Tourist. Do get in touch with us on for further queries.


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