The Significance of Color of Flowers for Girls

Beautiful and aromatic flowers are always known for their own language. The presence of flowers is often enough to express feelings and to convey your message to a special someone. Girls love to receive flowers from their special someone and it won't be an exaggeration to say that flowers delivery in India is always the first choice for many girls.

Girls have a soft and delicate nature just like flowers. They easily understand feelings when gifted beautiful flowers of choice. In this diverse universe, one finds many different kinds of flowers- some  known and some beautiful unknown wild flowers. Flowers come in different colors and every color of flower signifies different emotions hidden in someone's heart. Sometimes when people are unable to convey their message, they take the help of flowers. Flowers and their different colors hold a lot of significance for girls. When at a loss, take help from an experienced florist. Here is a quick guide that will help you understand the significance of colors of flowers for girls:

Red is for Fantasy:
Ask any girl about her favorite flower and the answer mostly will be- red rose. The color red holds a special significance in the life of girls. Girls love the idea of romance and romantic stories. Red color  is popularly known as the color of love and romance. Red color symbolizes desire, courage, respect, and admiration.

Pink Shows Gentleness:
Pink is another favorite of many girls. Delicate light pink color flowers speak of gentleness, happiness and love. The color pink is also a very romantic flower color. It is a symbol of grace and innocence.

Blue Is Peaceful:
Blue is a beautiful flower color. Every girl is different and like different varieties and colors of flowers. Girls who love blue flower appreciate serenity, peace, and openness. Choosing blue color flowers symbolize release of stress.

White Shows Humility:
Girls are of pure and innocent nature. White as a color also shows humility, innocence, and purity. This color is loved by girls and many love to decorate their hair with white flowers on special occasions.

Happiness in Yellow:
Yellow color shows happiness, success, and pride. Girls also love to spread happiness and their presence always completes the family. Yellow color flowers always bring joy among people.

Bold Is Orange:
Though girls look delicate from outside, they are not weak and orange color signifies their boldness, enthusiasm and also signifies that they are full of life.

Green is for Fortune:
Green color shows youthfulness and renewal. This is the beautiful color and flowers of this color are loved by girls as it brings good fortune and good health.

Royalty in Purple:
Purple is another color loved by many girls as it signifies royalty. Adding purple color flowers in any floral arrangement helps differentiate it from the regular ones. A purple color bouquet also shows adoration and admiration.

So go on and gift some flowers for your favorite girl and see her sparkle your world with her smile :D


  1. Kitna khubsurat likha hai , itne acche se relate kiya hai, aankh khushi se bhar aayi ☺️
    Mujhy bhi flowers pasand hain, daily to fresh flowers milna mushkil hai to main artificial flowers se decoration karti hu 😊

  2. You have said well that there are different-2 significance of color of flowers for a girl. And more than a man, a girl like flowers. I love your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


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