HANDITIZER® 's Hand Sanitizers & Toilet Seat Sprays - Improving The Way You Sanitize

Cleanliness is next to Holiness and if we may say so -  a very basic necessity given the dirt, pollution ridden cities and more lately, the virus threatening environment we live in.

People often tend to underestimate the importance of sanitation which leads to further issues like infections, diseases, sometimes fever & a host of other problems.  And mind you, these unhygienic circumstances can arise not just in public places but also in spaces where you least expect them.
Germs are everywhere - on door handles, on elevator buttons, on the car locks, on elements you hold on to or touch while travelling; literally everywhere.

While washing your hands under running water with soap is the safest way of keeping it clean, having access to a wash basin when on the go may not always be possible. Therefore carrying  SANITATION products which will help you cleanse in seconds becomes extremely important.

HANDITIZER® is brand designed to aid the cause of Sanitation. It is a registered brand owned by Tiara Personal Hygiene.

HANDITIZER® is a personalized hygiene product with the goal aimed at offering and delivering the ultimate choice in hygiene and sanitation. Recognizing the ignorance & the lackadaisical attitude towards health choices, prompted the need to create acknowledged awareness for a quality life for oneself and those we hold dear. The goal is wellbeing, prevention of germs, protection & care.

Here is the product offering from the world of HANDITIZER®


No matter how clean a toilet seat looks on the surface, it is a breeding ground for germs. Clearly what looks clean may or may not be 100% germ free. Let's also not ignore the lack of civic sense among individuals. People may use the flush but will often leave traces of their business behind on the pot seats with no regard to the fact as to how filthy, dirty & unhygienic the situation becomes, for the next person who will use the same toilet.

So literally each time you sit on a pot seat, you open yourself to the risk of exposure to an imaginable level of germs & unsanitary circumstances. These situations are typically encountered in public places like malls, airports, in flights, in offices, while travelling & so many more. 
No one is spared - women, men or children.
And of course in addition to the unhygienic part, the mere feeling of sitting on those pot seats is YIKES.

So here's how you can take control of the situation - use HANDITIZER® 's TOILET SEAT SANITIZER and sit on a clean throne. All you have to do is simply spritz all over the pot seat & VOILA the germs are removed leaving the pot seat clean & ready for usage.

Available in a 75 ml bottle, this essential is extremely portable & easy to carry in a bag. It has the most exotic Lemon Grass fragrance. The bottle is a small, compact one & hardly occupies any space making it convenient to carry along with other little essentials such as wet wipes, hand sanitizers, tissues etc. in hand bags.

This product is a must have for every man, woman, child, parents & families. 


Carrying a bottle of sanitiser along, presents the luxury of having an immediate hygiene at hand. A single drop of Handitizer's alcohol based Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer, infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, offers an attack on germs while simultaneously leaving your hands moisturized.

Whats even more exciting is that there are 7 exotic fragrances - Bubble Gum, Black Grape, Peach, White Lilly, Fruity, Green Apple & Citrus to choose from. These alluring fragrances are available in 60 ml & 250 ml bottles. This sizing gives the option of carrying the small bottles in hand bags & using bigger bottles for family / group usage.

60 ml bottles 


250 ml bottles


In India:
Across Wellness Forever Stores
Haiko Super Market
M - Chemists
Biami Hypermart

In Singapore:
Click  the link below for all the addresses.
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