Benefits of Grapes for Flawless Skin, Healthy Hair & Overall Health

When life gives you grapes, make some good wine, says a fun quote. However, it will be better to use them to get flawless skin, healthy hair & improve overall health. Luscious & tasty, grapes can be added to desserts, devoured as snack or made into a healthy juice. Rich in antioxidants almost all grape varieties including the red, green, purple and dark red possess health benefits. Moreover, the resveratrol, vitamin K & vitamin C present can offer numerous beauty benefits. Although, consumption is the best way to enjoy these benefits, let's also look at how to use grapes to revitalize skin & hair with external application.

Grapes for skin whitening:

Apply a mask made with crushed grapes (red/green), little peeled & mashed apple & multani mitti. Keep the mask for 20 minutes & wash off with lukewarm water. Spray organic rose water & follow with your regular moisturizer.

Grape Face Mask for refreshed skin:

A mask made with crushed green grape pulp, organic honey & yogurt is a great way to refresh facial skin. For oily skin, add rosewater instead of yogurt. Green grapes face mask benefits are many. It helps rejuvenate dull skin & helps counter the effect of changing weather conditions on skin.

Grapes for even skin tone:

Many factors including exposure to sun, results in an uneven skin tone. Apply a mask made with crushed grapes & few drops of rosewater to your face & neck area. Rest with rose water soaked eye pads. After 20 minutes, remove the mask with gentle massaging movements. Wash with lukewarm water & pat dry. Besides, we suggest a facial massage every week for better circulation.

Grapes to lighten blemishes:

A face mask made with crushed green grapes pulp, freshly harvested aloe vera gel & little yogurt can help treat blemishes. Yes, the benefits of green grapes are many! In addition, consume fresh grape juice at least thrice a week for blemish free skin.

Grape seed oil for hair loss: 

Extracted from seeds, grape seed oil contains linoleic acid that helps strengthen hair follicles. This results in reduced breakage & hair fall resulting in healthy hair. Additionally, the application also helps get rid of dandruff. Besides, including grape juice in your diet helps provide Vitamin E that helps maintain hair health. For more tips on healthy hair, click here

Grape seed oil for healthy eyes:

Dark circles are a non no! Grape seed oil has a significant amount of vitamin E that is beneficial in treating dark circles. Apply little grape seed oil with your finger tips around your eyes. Keep it overnight. Moreover, continue the application for two weeks & see visible results.


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