Tamarind For Face Benefits & How To Make Tamarind Face Masks

Staple across Indian kitchens, tamarind is choke full of vitamins like A, C and minerals like iron, potassium & more. Known for its various health benefits like improving digestion, strengthening liver health, tackling inflammation, it is used in daily cooking to add flavor as well as healthy nutrients.  Also, tamarind is highly beneficial for skin due to presence of anti oxidants. Moreover, studies show that including this fruit in your daily diet helps prevent oxidative stress on your body & skin cells. Let's look at a few tamarind for face benefits & how to make tamarind face masks.

Tamarind for face benefits:

The benefits include, skin brightening & help lighten the skin tone. Moreover, the presence of anti oxidants help reduce oxidative stress on skin cells. Additionally, the presence of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in this fruit help mildly exfoliate facial skin, removing dead skin cells. 

How to make tamarind face mask:

Take a small lemon sized ball of tamarind. Now, add hot water over it & let soak. Next, squeeze to remove pulp & pass through a strainer. Finally, add other ingredients & mix. However, do remember to use good quality organic variety to extract pulp. 

Tamarind + Besan (Gram flour) Exfoliating Pack:

Nothing like treating your skin to mild exfoliation to get rid of surface dirt & dead skin cells. Do make an exfoliating tamarind besan face pack, extract some fresh pulp from organic tamarind by soaking a small some ball in hot water. Next, squeeze do you mobile and strain. Further, mix the freshly extracted pulp with besan,  honey & pinch of turmeric. Mix to make thick face pack, apply all over facial skin. Keep for 10-12 minutes & wash off by gentle circular motions. Follow with toner & moisturizer. Undoubtedly, one of the best way to used tamarind for skin whitening.

Tamarind + Lemon Skin Brightening Face Pack:

Do not reach for over the counter skin brightening creams, instead try this natural face pack. To freshly extracted tamarind pulp, add few drops of lemon juice. Mix well. If you have dry skin, add milk cream & for oily skin put few drops of rose water. Apply and keep for 10-12 minutes. Wash off & apply toner. This pack helps lighten blemishes which is one of the best tamarind for face benefits.

Tamarind + Cumin seeds Face Pack 

Roasted & ground cumin seeds help gently exfoliate skin, without causing irritation. Mixed with tamarind pulp , this face mask helps bring that glow back. Roast a few cumin seeds till they turn brown. Cool and grind coarsely. Next, add to fresh tamarind pulp along with some hung curd to make a thick mix. Further, apply all over face and neck area. Rest for 10-12 minutes. Finally, wash off with gentle circular motions. Pat dry and spray toner all over. 

Tamarind on face side effects:

In few cases, applying tamarind on skin may cause irritation, especially on sensitive skin. Also, if you have acne, consult a skin specialist before trying these tamarind face masks.

Can we use tamarind of face daily?

Without a doubt, tamarind is beneficial for skin. But do not overdo putting these face masks on your facial skin too many times. Also, do a small patch test before applying on complete face.


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