3 Best DIY Hair Masks For Winters

Facing hair woes during winters? Lack of moisture in winters lead to dry, frizzy hair. Moreover, excessive cold winters also lead to dry itchy scalp. As a matter of fact, hydration loss may result in hair breakage & hair loss. Let's try these 3 best diy hair masks for winters for healthy, hydrated hair.

DIY Winter Hair Mask For Dry Hair :

If you have dry hair, winter season is when you should pamper your hair with extra TLC. Dry cold winds suck all the moisture from your hair, leaving it dry & dull. In addition, a dry itchy scalp may result in dandruff problems. 

Milk powder, virgin coconut oil & honey mask:

Honey provides deep hydration to hair whereas virgin coconut oil is great to use as it does not leave hair extremely oil & sticky. The protein content in milk powder helps keep the hair healthy, strong & reduce frizz. 

Take the desired quantity of milk powder according to hair length, add virgin coconut oil & honey to it. Further, mix well to make a thick hair pack. Next, apply all over hair covering roots & hair tips. Keep for 30 minutes. Finally, wash off with your regular shampoo & conditioner. One of the best hair pack for dry hair, do try it. 

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Best Hair Mask For Winter Diy:

How about experiencing tropical vibes with this easy DIY coconut milk mask?

Extract fresh coconut milk from one whole grated coconut. Do take care that the milk has thick consistency. Next, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the milk. Mix & apply over hair & cover with a shower cap. Keep the mask for 20-30 minutes before rinsing off. You hair will feel shiny, smooth & will smell great too. 

DIY Hair Mask For Winter At Home

Mash one ripe banana along with some olive oil. Mix well. Further, add some thick hung curd to it. Mix & apply all over starting from roots till the tips. Furthermore, keep the hair mask for at least 20 minutes before washing off

Yogurt & mashed banana provide deep hydration to hair. As a result, dry frizzy hair experience intense nourishment. The olive oil helps provides much needed moisture & feels non sticky. Olive oil is also a very popular choice for pre-poo routine of hair.


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