Easy Winter haircare routine To Follow At Home

Have you noticed hair loss or slow growth in winters? In the first place, hair looses hydration during the harsh winters. Next, a few face severe hair loss too. Well, we all know that the cold weather is not hair friendly. Although, natural hair loss during winters is avoidable, one can follow a simple winter haircare routine to pamper those beautiful tresses.  

Winter Haircare Routine & How to take care of hair in winters naturally?

Use lukewarm water:

Using lukewarm water compared to hot water is really important. In fact, experts suggest taking a 4-5 second cold rinse as a last step even in winters. The cold water rinse helps smooth the outer layer of hair that in turn prevents hair breakage. Also, this is one of the best way to prevent heat damage to hair. 

Follow a pre-poo routine:

Love taking long hot showers to warm up in winters? Avoid washing your hair every time you take a bath. And if you do, follow a pre-poo routine. Remember grandma insisting on oiling your hair before a wash to moisturize hair? In like manner, a pre-poo routine helps moisturize & protect hair as washing it leads to stripping off it's natural oils. 

Apply soothing hair masks that work for winters:

Our hair needs some extra TLC during winters. Dry frizzy hair are a big concern during this harsh weather. Moreover, a red itchy scalp due to dryness can lead to severe hair loss. Head over to your kitchen to make simple hair masks that help keep hair healthy during winters. 

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Use a brush with big bristles:

Quit fine toothed combs!! Comparatively, choose hair brushes with soft & big bristles. These brushes help detangle hair easily preventing damage. In addition, do not brush wet hair as they break easily. Use gentle heat mode or air dry hair & brush with a big bristled brush.

Apart from these haircare tips for winters, do oil your beautiful tresses with virgin coconut/olive oil at least once a week. Keep it for couple of hours & wash off with gentle shampoo-conditioner. Also, do remember to limit heat treatments like straightening, curling etc. as these can weaken hair. 


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