6 Homemade Hair Oils for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair in today's time, with all the pollution and dust all around, is a dream come true. In fact, for most of women, it’s an impossible task. Since many generations, experienced women of the house have suggested regular oiling of hair to the younger lot. However, many avoid it thinking oiling may not be very beneficial or do not oil hair to look attractive instead of the geeky kinds! Both the reasons to avoid oiling of hair are wrong at many levels! In fact, there are many tried and tested homemade hair oils that can work wonders for the hair. Such oils actually make your hair look lustrous and provide them strength making them thick and healthy and lend a sensuous glow.

Fashion Tourist shares 6 easy recipes to making homemade oils and their benefits so your hair looks wonderful all the time. These are simple and don’t require too much of effort and that’s the best part! Some common problems associated with hair are dull, frizzy, life-less hair without shine and sheen. Unhealthy hair tangle easily, and dandruff and itchy scalp is nothing new, especially in winters and lice is an ultimate no no!!

So, let’s look at some easy to prepare oil remedies for such problems.

1.    Get thick eyelashes and hair:

People with thin and lanky hair appear to age faster as compared to people with thick hair. This oil mentioned below works wonders on thickening your hair, if used regularly.

20g almond oil, one bottle castor oil (100g) + 10 g curry leaves.
Preparation: In a wok, heat pure almond oil + castor oil + curry leaves on simmer for 20 minutes. Do not let the oil get too hot. Keep the oil aside for cooling and store in a glass bottle with all the ingredients sealed inside.

a. For hair, apply on the roots with a cotton swab every alternate day followed by a head massage and take steam each time after the massage.
b. For thick eyelashes, apply castor oil on an ear bud and then on the lashes. Repeat for around 40 days and have the dreamy eyelashes u always wanted.

2.    Get rid of lice: 

Ah! A dreaded nuisance for all mothers; especially if their younger ones happen to get infected with this problem.
Ever wondered if there was something that would keep these lice from even coming close to the hair? Here is what you can do.

Image source - Flickr Creative Commons

Ingredients: 60g amla oil+ 60g neem leaves+ 2 raw amla +2 tblsp onion juice in case of lice.
Preparation: take amla oil + neem leaves + two raw amla finely sliced. In a wok, cook all together for 20 min on simmer. Don’t let the oil get too hot. Let the oil cool and store in a glass jar with all the ingredients together.

Take little oil and apply thoroughly on roots. Apply oil and keep overnight; wash the hair in the morning after applying onion juice in the roots if the hair has lice or wash directly with lukewarm water, if the hair does not have any lice and you if are just taking precautions. You can replace amla oil with olive oil, and it becomes a wonder medicine for many hair problems like itchy scalp and scalp infections 

3.    Grow your hair fast: 

This is one problem that many women face. We want good growth but not many know how to get that! Let’s see how.

Ingredients: 200g coconut oil, 20g methi (fenugreek) seeds, 60g curry leaves.

Preparation: To enjoy faster hair growth, heat the coconut oil in a wok and add the methi seeds. Do not let the oil smoke. Cool the oil a little and add crushed curry leaves. Heat the mixture together on simmer for 10 min but don’t let the oil get too hot. Keep the oil aside for cooling and store in a glass jar.

Application: Take oil according to the hair length warm a little. Apply the oil first on the roots and massage for at least 15 minutes. Then take more oil and cover the entire length of the hair and again massage for 15 minutes. Follow the massage with steam. Keep the hair oiled for at least for 3hrs or if possible, overnight.

4.    Get long black hair: 

Long black hair is a constant challenge now a days. Here is something you can help yourself with. This oil also prevents premature greying of hair.

Ingredients: 200g mustard oil (sarson ka tel), 80 g henna leaves

Preparation: Take mustard oil and heat it for 5 mins. Don’t let the oil smoke and then let it cool to become lukewarm. Take chopped henna leaves and add them in the oil and heat the oil for 10 minutes on simmer. Don’t let the leaves burn or the oil get too hot. Store the oil with leaves in a glass bottle after cooling.

Application: This oil has to be applied every night for better results. Take oil according to your hair length, warm it a little and apply on roots with a cotton swab. Massage the oil in the hair for 15-20 minutes and then apply on the entire length of the hair. Massage again for 10 minutes and take steam. Keep the oil overnight or minimum 3 hours.

5.    Everyday hair oil: 

Why use any chemicals to untangle your hair? Few drops of this everyday hair keeps your hair free from split ends and dry look and also make them tangle free. It can also be used to give a neat look to your hairstyles.

Ingredients: baby oil (any) 100g, methi dana 10g, curry leaves 10g

Preparation: Take baby oil and heat it on medium heat with curry leaves and methi dana. Store all the ingredients together in a glass bottle on cooling.

Application: Take 3-4 drops of oil on dripping wet hands and put all over the hair length.

6.    Multipurpose oil: 

This oil is a remedy to almost all common hair problems like dandruff, dryness, frizzy hair, under nourished hair, hair length, premature greying, lanky hair with no thickness and lice.

Image source - Flickr Creative Commons

Ingredients: 20g olive oil, 10g pure almond oil, 10g sesame seed (til) oil, 20g mustard oil, 10g castor oil, 10g methi dana, 20g neem leaves, 20g curry leaves, 2 raw amla.

Preparation: mix olive oil + castor oil + pure almond oil + sesame seed oil + mustard oil. Heat all together in a wok but don’t let the oil smoke. Leave the oil for it to become medium hot and add methi dana + neem leaves + curry leaves + raw amla. Let all the things heat together for 5 min on simmer but don’t let the oil get too hot. Let the oil rest till cold and store the entire mix in a glass container.

Application: Take 2 tblsp of oil and heat it in microwave or on stove for few seconds, apply on roots with a cotton swab. Take little oil on the palms and apply on the hair shaft. Make sure that you take a head massage or use a massager for best results and leave the oil on for minimum two hrs.

A few tips to remember: People with oily skin should apply oil only for 1 hour and shampoo. However, people with normal or dry skin can keep the oil over night or as indicated above.

So, next time you don’t need to worry, but act! Just reach your kitchen shelves and take out some magical ingredients and follow the procedures mentioned above. A little effort and in return you get wonderful and healthy hair—not a bad deal, we would say! For best results get a head massage with oil application and you will love the difference!


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