6 Fantastic Eye Makeup Looks to Take Cues From

Eyes are the most important feature and the way in which one highlights or accentuates them makes a world of difference in the way one looks.

So here are a few very basic, interesting and doable eyeshadow routines which one can incorporate in their daily lives. The pictures are from various cosmetic brands and Bollywood celebrities ... perfect to draw cues from for every occasion :)

1. Coloured eyeliner 

Line it out with some fun colours on the upper / lower eyelids or both. It sure does add some spark on an otherwise dull day

 Image Courtesy: MAC Cosmetics on Instagram

Image Courtesy: aishwaryaraibachchan_fc & anastasiabeverlyhills on Instagram

Image Courtesy: charlottewillermakeup on Instagram

2. Shimmer it up

If bling is your thing, why leave the eyes ???

Image Courtesy: lorealmakeup on Instagram

Image Courtesy: aishwaryaraibachchan_fc on Instagram

3. Get Sexy with Smoky for a smouldering look

Image Courtesy: deepikapadukone and mickeycontractor on Instagram

4. Shade it up with 2 colours 

This does require some practice but the outcome looks just so good that it is well worth the effort. Blend in a combination of 2 colours and see the magic

 Image Courtesy: anastasiabeverlyhills and lorealmakeup on Instagram

5. The ever green thick black liner and kohl look 

Simple black liner and dark kajal is the way to go if getting into any makeup or colour is not happening for the day.

 Image Courtesy: kareenabebo on Instagram

6. Monotoned

Just make it a fuss free affair by applying one single colour. 
Nothing beats a dash of gold /bronze or copper ... you can obviously apply any colour of your choice :)

Image Courtesy: anastasiabeverlyhills on Instagram

                                          Image Courtesy: Maybelline on Instagram

We hope these help :)

Share your eye make up pics with us or let us know if there's anything else interesting you do to jazz up your eyes.

Stay happy, stay colourful :)

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