Product Review: Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash

There’s so much we do for personal care; we invest in almost every product meant to serve specific parts of our bodies … Expensive shampoos, hair conditioners, hair serums, face washes, face scrubs, moisturizers, lotions, deodorants, body washes etc etc … the list of items we splurge on is sometimes as long as the endless hunt for the perfect choice itself.

It’s a great quality to have if you are one of those who like to smell good, feel good and remain hygienic but what most women do not pay attention to is “intimate hygiene.” In fact it is a topic which is hardly even discussed or given any importance. Intimate hygiene is not only imperative for cleanliness and freshness down there but also important to avoid any kind of problems arising out of infections.

I have been slightly strict in this regard. For me personal hygiene is sacred. For me cleanliness is actually next to Godliness (we were taught in school, remember? :) ) and is a matter of habit formed early in life. There are no excuses for not being clean.

Lets understand what Intimate Hygiene means? In one line, it means keeping the vaginal area clean.

And what is the best way of doing that?

We have all historically depended on soaps and body washes to help us with the job but when I learnt that Medimix Ayurvedic has a product designed specifically for Intimate wash, I could not resist but give their product a shot and honestly, I am glad that I did; here’s why –


Unlike makeup testers, products such as these cannot be sampled on the hand and judged. Hence the way they smell is the only give away when one is making a first time purchase.
I normally prefer strong fragrances but something mild is perfect incase of an intimate wash. Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Wash has a mild aloe and neem fragrance which in my opinion is just perfect.

It is highly Organic

I am a fan of organic therapies and try to refrain from synthetic / medicated items as much as possible. Medimix Intimate hygiene wash infuses natural elements like Lime, Rosemary, Neem, Sage,Aloe,Thyme,Vetiver and Bisabolol and is formulated using the rich secrets of ancient Kerala Ayurveda. So natural & chemical free !!!

Conforms to the ideal Acidity Levels

The normal pH value of lactic acid in a healthy vagina is between 3.5 to 4.5, which can get disrupted by soaps and other washes.

The Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash contains lactic acid which encourages the natural vaginal acidity. It confirms to a pH level within the range which is an ideal level according to prominent Gynecologists around the world. It is SLES (Sulfate free), Nitrosamine free, Paraben free & Soap free.

My Overall Experience

My skin is extremely sensitive from head to toe and anything I use, has be in their milder forms. This wash is designed for people like me for whom sensitivity needs to be tackled. It not only avoids irritating dryness but also keeps the unpleasant odor, itching, irritation and infections away.

What also appealed to me was the fact that it has a mild baby care product surfactant, which I believe is added as an extra layer of ‘Caution’

What’s more, it is gynaecologically and dermatologically tested to ensure that the delicate vaginal skin gets the gentlest of care.

So yes ladies, Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygiene Wash is a great product. It comes in a 100 ml bottle, which is a decent quantity and is priced at just INR 150

Do try it, it will provide all the gentleness you need :)


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