Asian Paints Color Store Offers Movie Inspired Home Ideas On World Interiors Day

From times immemorial, movies have inspired and touched our lives in many ways. Good movies have left a mark on us at least once in our lives & influenced our thinking, decisions, mood ....and even lifestyle choices. In my teenage years, I remember getting my clothes designed on latest style worn on silver screen & lately as someone who's keen on extending my personality to my living space, I keep a watch on trendy homes that are shown on the screen!!! Many a times, more than the romantic dialogues being mouthed by actors, my eye in on the unique color on the walls or on the trendy lounger present in the background :) Infact my girlfriends have secretly agreed that they have got some great lifestyle ideas after watching latest flicks on the silver screen. On World Interiors Day, when Asian Paints Color store invited us to be a part of a workshop helmed by Shruti Gupte, a well known production designer, it seemed like one fun event.

Held at the signature store in Mumbai, the aim of the workshop was to give customers & décor enthusiasts ideas that can be drawn from homes & office spaces designed in popular films to liven up their own space. This movie-inspired workshop started with Shruti taking us through the nuances of choosing elements that would befit the homes of the characters in the movies perfectly.

A lot of research & hard work goes into designing the perfect homes for these character's as homes are definitely an extension of ones personality. Having designed homes & interior spaces for popular films like "Aisha" "Taare Zameen Par" "Lunchbox" and "Khubsoorat" we were eager to know more from Shruti and she obliged.

A few insights she shared highlighted on how different elements are brought together to bring to life perfect spaces for characters that we see in movies. For "Taare Zameen Par" the film demanded that the home space be female dominated and hence was done up in vibrant colored walls and handicrafts sourced from local artisans....things that would appeal to a homemaker. For "Aisha" the emphasis on Sonam Kapoor's bedroom all done up in lilac colors to match her vibrant personality while her sisters bedroom was done in blue & grey tones.

We made a few notes as Shruti pointed out that its often easy to step out of our comfort zones to experiment with various colors & elements to design our dream space. While designing, Shruti often overcame challenges by using curtain cloth to make cushion covers or design furniture from other bigger pieces of furniture to create what she wanted....a perfect space that did justice to the on-screen characters!!

That got us thinking and we completely agreed with what Shruti said that it was easy to embrace colors & textures that appeal to our personality and inspire us to design our living & office spaces in a way that they form an extension of our personalities.

Such events are a great medium for décor enthusiasts who love doing up their spaces in elements that are trendy and in vogue!! We left home with a DIY kit that will be a first experimental step towards adapting some cool designs from the reel life. Check out the Asian Paints Color Store in Bandra if you want some trendy ideas to liven up your work or home space.  


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