Most Effective Home Remedies For Chapped Lips, Dark Lips & Pigmented Lips

Having rosy lips is every girl’s dream. Right from childhood, we learn the rhyme ‘chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips, teeth within…’. That's what all girls associate their lips with—Rosy!

Lips are a very vital feature of the face and define its beauty. However, they are also marred with numerous problems—darkening,can get chapped, could get a fungal infection or could be pigmented. Lips may also require make-up correction due to an undesired shape. Many of such lip problems have off-the-kitchen-shelf or easy to follow remedies. Fashion Tourist lists some of these problems and their remedies.

1.    Dark lips

The first and the most desired adjective for the lips is pink and soft and dark lips are a big NO! The main causes of dark lips include:

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•    Smoking
•    Sucking the edge of the lip
•    Bad quality make up
•    Dryness of the lips
•    Genetic
•    Chlorine water
•    Excessive exposure to sun
•    Lack of exfoliation
•    Lack of balance diet
•    Lack of hydration in the body

There are a few kitchen remedies to rectify or reduce darkness around the lips:

•    Dip 2 almonds in milk and few rose petals for 4-6 hrs or overnight. In the morning, make a paste of all the three and apply on the lips for 30 mins, repeat for 40 days.
•    Take mint leaves and make a paste with a dash of cucumber juice and few drops of lemon juice. Apply this paste on the lips for 20 mins. Repeat this for a month, every day.

2.    Chapped lips

Chapped lips not only look bad but can also lead to bleeding and infection. Prolonged chapped lips can also lead to darkening of the lips or pigmentation. There are many reasons for people suffering from this condition. However, the main reasons include:

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•    Lack of hydration. One must drink at least one and a half litres of water (about 6-8 glasses) in a day. It keeps the skin supple and hydrated and the lips would remain soft and wouldn’t get chapped easily.
•    Habit of continuously licking their lips. This leads to loss of heat from the lip area, thereby, leading to high amount of loss of moisture from around the lips. this leads to chapping of the lips
•    Season change. This is another common reason for getting chapped lips.

There are many remedies for this problem and some of the most effective and common remedies are listed below:

•    Keep yourself hydrated.
•    Apply a layer of clear butter (ghee) off your warm chapati on your lips. Do this simple remedy for a week and see the difference.
•    Mix 2 tsp of strawberry juice and orange juice in melted white butter and freeze. Use this as a lip balm over the chapped area; repeat for a week.
•    Take bee wax, sheer butter and coconut oil. Melt these in a double boiler and put the melted mix in an ice tray and freeze. Use each cube as a lip balm. You can also add some aroma oil of your choice in the mix.

3.    Pale lips

Reducing the dark patches around the lips also calls for working on the colour of your lips. Everyone dreams of having pink rosy lips.

There are many things we can do to make our lips pink and the best thing is that the ingredients for the remedies are present right in your kitchen. Check them out:

•    Take beetroot juice (about 4-5 drops) + few drops of lemon + some honey. Apply for 30 minutes every day and see the difference.
•    Drink at least a glass of pomegranate juice everyday along with applying a lip pack for 20 minutes made with just a dash of corn starch + pomegranate juice.
•    Apply milk cream and a few strands of saffron and 2 pinches of turmeric on lips for 10 minutes every day for 1 to 2 weeks.
•    Dab a bit of apple cider vinegar on the lips regularly for a week.

4.    Pigmented lips (spotted lips):

Excessive exposure to the sun, imbalanced diet, bad quality lipsticks, dehydration and hormonal imbalance are some reasons for pigmentation of lips. On pigmentations, lips show various shades of dark brown and light brown patches.

There are many simple remedies that can help in this situation:

•    Apply a mix of lemon juice + coconut oil + almond oil
•    Rub the lips with a mix of papaya + cucumber pulp.
•    Apply castor oil + olive oil before going to bed.
•    Take yoghurt+ malai + 2 saffron strands and apply over night.
•    Exfoliate the lips with various scrubs like:
     o    Sugar + honey + sheer butter
     o    A mash of mushrooms containing kojic acid.
•    Rub tomato juice + spinach juice on the lips.

Following a healthy life style and going low on caffeine,reducing/avoiding smoking, eating healthy diet rich in greens and fruits, drinking lots of water and applying sun screen before stepping out in sun are simple ways of getting healthy rosy and supple lips. These simple home remedies can make wonders to fight such everyday problems related to the lips. Go ahead and try the remedies and you will surely benefit from them for you to flash that lovely smile again :)


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