5 Summer Essentials On A Beach Day

We really don't have to go into explaining exactly how much fun beach holidays are !!! The mere thoughts of heading to beach destinations pop up dreamy bursts around our heads filled with all the exciting things we can do.

So here's a list of all the items you must carry with yourself when headed to a beach ...

1. A cool pair of Sunnies

We are not headed to colder climates and the sun will definitely cast its harsh rays upon us. Reduce the glare and some strain on your eyes by donning a cool pair of shades.

2. Lip Balm

Keep your lips supple and hydrated with a Lip Balm. Many lip balms offer SPF protection too; which is much needed on the hot hot beach.

3. Sarong & Fit Flops

Sarongs are a lady's best friend if taking a dip in the ocean waves is an agenda. They come in vibrant colours and of course look "oh so cool". The web is flooded with different ways in which sarongs can be styled. Pair them with a comfortable pair of fit flops and you are ready to own the beach :)

4. Sunscreen 

Needless to say, the body needs all the shielding it deserves from the jarring sun. 

We quite like Neutrogena Sunscreen Mists and Lotions for doing the job.
Neutrogena Ultra sheer Dry Touch sun block provides advanced protection against UVA and UVB rays, along with Dry-Touch technology for an ultra-light, non-shiny finish.

Neutrogena Ultra Body Mist has more or less the same contents as the lotion but what makes it a favourite is the ease in application. Since it is a spray, it really saves the trouble of squeezing out the lotion from the bottle and applying on the skin. Its simple, just hold it at a suitable angle, spray copious amounts on yourself, rub gently on the exposed areas and you are ready to be sun kissed :)

5. Tote Bag

And of course we need a cute bag to fill up our little world in as we head closer to the waves. A tote bag is just so handy in stocking up all those essentials. 

Image Courtesy: www.jabong.com

So thats our list of basic items which you must carry to the beach. Obviously there are many more items like novels, snacks, beach gear, ear phones, camera, towels etc etc which could be of use too.

Do let us know about what would you like to carry along apart from these :)

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