4 Easy Fashion and Style goals for 2016

Historically most of us have never stuck to those fancy New Year Resolutions we've made. We are yet to come across someone who has told us mid way in to a year that they were currently pursuing the resolution they probably made in the Christmas or the New year week of the previous year. We do start with a lot of enthusiasm but somewhere give up due to lack of time, everyday stress or just because the list of resolutions we made was too tough :)

But its good to have some goals for a better you in the #NewYear2016... Fun goals which won't be painful or boring to accomplish ... so make the goals exciting and let a fun journey towards accomplishing them begin.

While you have to define your own goals depending on your current lifestyle; Fashion Tourist lists a few simple ones that can start off the journey for a happier 2016. 

1. Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

While some people have accepted their bodies the way they are and take pride in that thought, most people are dying to lose that extra weight. Fat, thin, tall, short; whatever be your length, breadth, frame - sticking to a fitness regime will only bring benefits and introduce a bit of discipline in your everyday life. You are in a good space even if workouts are a couple of times a week. In short, nothing takes away from the importance of fitness. Try going for a 20 min walk at least four times a week...include your friends in this routine to make it more fun; alternate with light cardio exercises the remaining three days or try yoga. Small changes are the ones that make a big difference in the long run.

2. Investing In the Right Makeup

If you are a makeup junkie then the start of the new year is good time to spring clean your vanity cases. List out the items you use most and can't do without and avoid buying the ones you never use. Make up expires in 12 to 18 months and clinging on to stuff will not add any value. Investing in basics like few good lipsticks in shades that suit you most, one good foundation, a kajal, an eyeliner and a mascara will complete your makeup kit.

3. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Try something you haven't before....like maybe trying brighter shades of lipsticks (if you've stuck to fairly conservative shades in the past) or even the other way around. Explore some never tried before prints and patterns or just sport a new hairstyle altogether. Its good to feel a different YOU.

Take some inspiration from people around you or even those glossy magazines that you subscribe too. We loved the way Sonakshi Sinha tried a new hair do last year and the way Kareena Kapoor paired her saree with a top blouse.

4. Stay Happy

Finally nothing brings a brighter glow on the face than staying happy ... be positive, stay cheerful, stressing over problems will not solve them, instead they will add extra work of lightening up a glum face later.

Fairly simple goals to stick with, aren't they? :)  ... of course if you wish to challenge yourself harder, there's so much more you can accomplish.

On that note have a fabulous 2016

Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.

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