7 Stylish Jewellery Pieces For Brides

A friend once mentioned that she when she is at a wedding she is always eager to see the bride first and next check whats on the menu. The bride is the star of the evening, perhaps even a bigger star than the groom himself or the expensive decorations. So if you are the bride, just about everyone wants to notice your jewelry, the detailing on your outfit, your hairstyle, your glowing face...:)

Well if the spotlight of the day is firmly on you, make a statement with some of these stylish jewelry pieces.

1. Maang teeka / Jhumars

A piece of jewelry that is both- traditional and contemporary. Whether you are dressed in an out and out ethnic wedding outfit or draped in a uber stylized saree, a maang teeka does a perfect job of enhancing the look. Jazz up a simple hair style with a beautiful maang teeka or jhumar made with kundan or pearls.

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2. Second Earring

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One need not elaborate on the goodness of chunky earrings but have we given the other piercings on our ears any attention? Most of us haven't, right? Add something suitable there too ... not very common in indian ethnic jewelry yet but one can take some inspiration from western jewelry to recreate a customized piece as per your choice.

3. Haath Phool

The haath phool looks extremely stylish. Needless to say that there are some very pretty designs out there in silver and gold. Opt for ones made with real flowers for a different twist. Someone said our happiness is in our hands, right? 

Image courtesy www.strandofsilk.com

4. Armlet/ Bajuband

Tone the upper arms way ahead of your wedding date and adorn them with a classy Bajuband made with pretty designs. Invest in a good piece in gold or diamonds as per your wedding outfit.

Image Courtesy: www.mirraw.com

5. Stylish Rings

Image Courtesy: www.pipabella.com

Your engagement ring will be the centre of attraction but a stylish ring or two on the other hand won't do any harm. Keep the focus on the engagement ring ( a solitaire is a good choice) and add stylish rings in smaller diamonds to create a beautiful look.

6. Toe rings/ Bichwa

Image Courtesy: www.craftsvilla.com

A very famous piece of ornament (mainly because of their tremendous significance in the Indian culture), toe rings add that perfect touch of "tradition". Start a new chapter in your life in style with beautiful toe rings adorning your mehendi laced feet...sounds dreamy, right?

7. Payals / Anklets

                                                       Image Courtesy: www.craftsvilla.com

Usually wedding outfits are so long that payals easily get hidden beneath them ... but they look so pretty. We love the sound they make and with the focus on you on the wedding day, make sure that every step you take is full of laughter & the tinkling sounds of gorgeous payals. 

So ladies while marriages are supposedly made in heaven, a part of that heaven can be created in our fashion worlds too !!! And like we always say, one need not shoot holes in their pockets to look stylish, just a few wise purchases and you will be at your stylish best

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