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How many of us don't like the colour Blue? It is the colour of the sky & the sea. It signifies attributes like depth, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth & parts of heaven.

I have never faced a negative reaction to this colour ever except in the make up department where Blue (and other shades from the same family) have been considered tricky eye shadow colours. They have at times even famously featured in the list of makeup mistakes.

But it has also emerged as a popular colour on fashion runways  in recent times... Yes it can look garish if not applied correctly or if teamed inappropriately with what one's wearing. So make sure to apply the colours correctly & pair them with the right combination of colours - in makeup and outfit & trust yourself to look stunning

I have mixed Blue with some purple, have a look ...

Its just simple blue pigment with swipes of purple from the inner lid. I have blended this with some light brown above the eyelid and highlighted the brow bone. I cannot live without my eyeliner and the customary kajal so that comes along too in copious amount. Have defined the eyelashes with multiple strokes of my Mascara

Dramatic eyes are best paired with light coloured lip glosses.

Since I live in a very really real space where I need a pair of glasses to see this spectacular world, I like the colour on my eyes to show a bit through the lenses

How do we style this look? 

Designing is at its best when there is a balance of everything in the final artwork. Styling works on a similar principle. If one part of the look is asking for attention, the other area can lay calm. So colours like whites and blacks usually go well with eye makeup such as this.

Have put together this looks with eye shadow colours from #Lakme Eye Quartets - Peacock and Tanjore Rush
Kajal from #loreal Magique Supreme Black
Smooth on eyeliner by #chambor
#loreal rose melody lip gloss
& #Maybelline Colossal volume express mascara

There's really no end to how much one can do with this makeup look. One can add some shimmer powder, add some black at the outer V etc etc ...

I have read that blue shadow suits brown eyes better, but who cares !!! As long as you like it, just go ahead with it

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