3 Colour eyeshadow lookbook

Colours are like oxygen in the world of makeup and fashion. They dictate runway trends, create benchmarks, inspire collections and lend much needed happiness to cosmetic giants, designers, models and people in general.

So we decided to play with some eye shadow colours ... 3 colours in each look ... here we go

Look # 1 inspired by popular colours of India

India is a colourful country and the inspirations one could draw from her culture & heritage are countless. The colours of the Indian flag inspired this look [during Republic Day :)]

We used orange & gold with a hint of green on the edges of the eyes to achieve this look. However you can combine any colours of your choice and make your own combination. Just make sure to blend all the shades well. Blending is critical in eye makeup involving shadows. A combination of 3 colours looks great on Indian wear. So go ahead and make your own fusion

Look # 2 Silver, Gold and Black

This look is a union of gold & silver, finished off with some black on the edges, lending it a slightly smoky effect.
This combination is pretty versatile in nature as it can go well with Indian and Western looks both. Since most Indian outfits have either golden or silver colour work done on them, a combination like this looks fabulous on Indian wear.
And we all know how well evening gowns and smoky eyes go together

Look #3 inspired by Nature (Peacock colours)

Every shade of blue and green that peeks out a peacock's feather is a visual delight. We have integrated colours from #lakme 's peacock eye quartet ... a palette itself inspired by peacock colours.
Nature is a huge source of inspiration and the colours it radiates are truly divine. Take cues from mother nature and find your uniqueness

Colour therapy is known to bring benefits like positively altering human emotions / moods and improving the overall well - being. So splash some colours on your eyes ... after all who doesn't feel good, when they look good !!!

Tell us what do you think in the comments section below.

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